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    Discover why the new Bristol Myers Squibb has what it takes to help more patients than ever before.

    About Bristol Myers Squibb Luxembourg

    Bristol Myers Squibb Belgium and Luxembourg hosts many different divisions. Among them are the commercial, sales, and marketing departments, which serve as key hubs for both European and global R&D activities.

    Pioneer and leader in immunotherapy
    Bristol Myers Squibb is a pioneer and leader in immunotherapy. 2017 marked the +5-year anniversary of ipilimumab, the first immunotherapy for melanoma to hit the market in Belgium and Luxembourg and globally. It was also the only medicine ever to extend survival in patients with advanced forms of cancer, thus revolutionizing the way cancer is treated in Belgium.?Apart from that, it has taken only two years for nivolumab, the second generation immunotherapy to be approved by the European Commission and reimbursed for eight indications in six distinct tumor types.

    A clear ambition to tackle societal healthcare challenges
    The ambition of Bristol Myers Squibb is clear: it wants to tackle societal healthcare challenges ?through education and through facilitating changes in the healthcare system. Bristol Myers Squibb wants to help create an environment in which a debate with the healthcare community can take place, to anticipate key future issues, through educating healthcare professionals in immunotherapy, or supporting newly emerging healthcare professions.

    A common passion: saving and improving patients' lives
    At the heart of Bristol Myers Squibb lies an informal and lean culture, focused on respect for people and an entrepreneurial spirit. Employees all share the same?passion for saving and improving patients' lives and are encouraged to take initiatives to embrace a healthy lifestyle and support causes close to the company’s mission.